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Straight outta South London, get ready as Jason commands the musical ship from 6-8pm Friday evenings on UnityXtra, mixing bangers from RnB toHip Hop, to Afro beats Grime and Drill and more to creative an exciting blend for your eardrums.


His love of listening to and discovering all types of music, and we mean ‘all’ drives his mantra of "You’ve gotta give almost everything a chance as you never know what songs going to slap you across the face and bring you some type of feeling".


Welcome to a magical musical ride for your Fridays on Unity Xtra.



Jason was destined to make it as a professional football player, but a terrible knew injury scuppered that chance, but created this opportunity for everyone to enjoy his talents and personality more.


He’s a big, big joker, with an infectious laugh and a penchant for cracking jokes, as well as sharing his opinions on relevant topics of conversation, even dropping a few free gems and facts along the way.


Jason is well travelled but still has a with a long list of places he would like to visit. He speaks 3 languages fluently and is learning more all the time. He’s dabbled in everything from drawing, coaching and journalism, but thinks he might have found his calling with radio.



JASON live


2-4 PM (GMT)


with JASON



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