Marley is an aspiring actor looking to gain valuable experience in the radio presenting scene. Having earned a degree in Theatre and Performance at The University of Sussex, Marley has worked with some of theatre industries best and brightest, gaining expertise in both making and performing theatre. He has had training in both singing and dancing and dedicates his time to acting. Having had the chance to voice act in his university, Jamal is no stranger behind the mic having played characters from all walks of life, each more distinct than the other.


He has written, produced and directed plays staying engaged with the happenings of the arts industry,  the entertainment, tech and gaming industry to name a few. Growing up in East London and being of half African, Half-Indian descent, Jamal has been exposed to Garage, jazz, Soul, Bhangra, R&B and more.

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He knows a good beat when he hears one and isn't afraid to be vocal  and air his opinions about it either ! He enjoys being able to debate and discuss matters relating to music, life and just about anything that can hold his interest (which funny enough is just about anything). So if you're looking for someone to hold your interest for a minute or maybe even a full three hours, Jamal just might be your guy.


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