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Tedd Didditt catches up with Rochelle Lockhart and Kadeem Earnel Whyte - Director of UK web series 'South Beast'

Written and produced by Jords with FloTheProducer; ‘So It Go’ sees Jords and Kida come together over a laid-back, sun-dappled production with a nod to Kida’s ‘Afroswank’ signature sound.

"I think it’s important to show the beauty of where you come from...

Blending smooth hip-hop with R&B and poetic lyricism, Jords combines clever lyrics with raw emotion and thought-provoking concepts. The croydon songwriter and lyricist is fast earning a name for himself as a consistent multi-talent. 



  • Kida Kudz


...There’s a vibe that you get from Jamaica that gets misrepresented ...

Filmed in Jamaica, by directors Christina Nwabugo and Curtis Essel they wanted ‘So It Go’ video to reconnect Jords with his roots and capture the rich and vibrant culture that Kingston possesses.

...I really wanted to show everyone my country of origin through my eyes.

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