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unity xtra: U-MIX

unityxtra umix 1.png

U-MIX is a new feature on UNITY XTRA, that gives emerging and established DJs and platform to showcase their special high energy DJ mixes. We at UNITY XTRA are happy to offer the opportunity to DJs to engage radio audiences to grow and build their brand and style.


  • Full 2 hour mix

  • All tracks must be edited for radio

  • Can include personal splashes


We are accepting submissions for review for inclusion on UNITY XTRA: U-MIX. DJs can submit their tracks for review via email:


All tracks must be submitted as an MP3 and must be a fully mastered radio edit version of the tracks.


Any tracks that DO NOT meet the submission criteria will not be forwarded to the Music Committee for consideration.


Our music committee will make a decision within two weeks of receiving an artist's track submission. The DJ will receive an email to confirm their selection for UNITY XTRA: U-MIX and all the details outlining the process forward.

Submitted tracks that are not selected for UNITY XTRA: U-MIX, will automatically be forwarded to the Playlist Team for consideration.

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