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Are you ready to turn up the heat on Tuesdays?


Join Karen Allen on Unity Xtra every Tuesday from 7pm - 9pm the host of NAKED CONVERSATIONS the newest inspirational and innovative talk show with a twist!  


The show is a safe place where intimate, authentic and raw conversations take place with men, for men and about men.


If you have ever wondered what truly goes on in a mans head or what may be hidden in a mans heart, Karen will ask the questions and her guests will provide the answers. You heard it here first!



Karen Allen is an author, speaker, content creator and mother of five. Her passion for inspiring and empowering people is evident in the work that she does, locally, nationally and globally. Her mission is to use her voice to challenge the norm and change the narrative as it relates to young people and men, especially black men.


Karen has been described as having the unique ability to make complicated things simple and her gift of communication often enables others to share things that they would usually keep secret.


She is an avid story teller who loves to hear others share their stories. In her own words “stories have the power to give hope to the hopeless and life to the lifeless”.  A newbie to the world of radio, Karen believes it is simply another opportunity to keep it real and extend her reach.


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