Get ready to lock in with JC aka 'TEDD' for an ever evolving mix of vibes, discussions, banter and bashment with his show 'TEDD SAYZ' which typically features a split hour of tunes (religiously reggae/dancehall/bashment) as well as a feature/interview with an urban legend, entrepreneur or creative. 

What goes down in the rest of the show could depend either on the macroeconomic state of our country, who ate the last rich tea biscuit or whether or not Tedd can get his Sarsaparilla topped up!

One thing's for sure, Tedd brings a natural flare of love and jokes exclusively on UNITY XTRA every Tuesday from 2-4pm, with a flamboyant energy of sticky topics and discoveries along with much more.

About tedd

Starting out as a marketing specialist, handyman and fixer, JC broadened his reach to a rising professional status of presenting, hosting, acting, rapping, stand-up comedy and modelling the genius character and moniker that is 'TEDD'.

What does TEDD mean or stand for? UNITY XTRA are still trying to figure it out. 


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